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How To Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

picture of a spider web

We aren't the only ones noticing the cool weather as Fall sets in. Spiders can be found inside your home during any time of the year but are particularly prevalent during the Fall season. The cooling weather encourages them to seek warmer living conditions like your home or garage.

Common spiders you may see in your home this fall if you live in Western Idaho include:

  1. Wolf Spiders
  2. Hobo Spiders
  3. Black Widows
  4. Cellar Spiders 

How To Keep Spiders Out

If you're tired of finding spiders lurking around your home, there are some techniques to help keep spiders outside. Common ways to keep spiders out of your home include:

  1. Keeping windows, doors, garage doors closed as much as possible.
  2. Organizing your space and keeping clothing, blankets, boxes, and clutter off of the floor as spiders like dark hiding places.
  3. Removing dust.
  4. Clearing out leaves, grass clippings, piles of wood, or any other insect hideouts from your yard.
  5. Sealing your doors and windowsills.
  6. Using natural repellents like mint, citrus, and vinegar.
  7. Protecting your home from the outside in with help from local exterminators. 

How To Get Rid of Spiders

If these insects are already inside your home and you are looking to kick them out, there are many methods you can try to do so. Some common ways to get rid of spiders include:

  1. Vacuuming them up.
  2. Spraying them with a vinegar and water mixture.
  3. Spraying your home with peppermint oil, a smell spiders cannot tolerate.
  4. Contacting a professional.

If DIY methods aren't cutting it, consider contacting a professional exterminator to get rid of your infestation. If you're located in Western Idaho and need an expert contact Vertex Pest Control, or check out our service area.