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Protecting Your Home From Spiders and Insects

picture of a spider web

We aren't the only one's noticing the cool weather as Fall sets in. Spiders can be found inside your home during any time of the year but are particularly prevalent during the Fall season. The cooling weather encourages them to seek warmer living conditions like your home or garage.

Common spiders you may see in your home this fall if you live in the Treasure Valley are wolf spiders, hobo spiders, & black widows. Hobo spiders and black widows are poisonous and should be taken seriously.

What can you do to ensure your home doesn't become the neighborhood shelter for spiders over the winter?

  1. Keep windows, doors, garage doors closed as much as possible.
  2. Keep clothing, blankets, boxes, and clutter off of the floor as spiders like dark hiding places.
  3. Protect your home from the outside in. Call your local professionals to treat the foundation of your home to ensure spiders and other insects don't have a chance at entering your home.

Overall spiders and other insects are constantly going to be looking for a new home as the weather gets cooler.  But if you follow our simple steps above you can help to alleviate the risks of spiders making your home, their new home!  

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