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Save $50 on Pest Control in Kimberly
Pests are frustrating to find in and around your home, but you shouldn't have to break the bank to get rid of them. With Vertex Pest Control, not only will you get high-quality pest control in Kimberly, but you’ll get access to special offers that will save you money. Get started today with $50 off your first service!
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100% Service Guarantee

Have no fear!  If you spot any pests in-between visits, we will come back and eradicate the problem for free!  We stand by our work!

locally owned pest control company in Meridian

Locally Owned and Family-Operated Business

Our locally owned and operated pest control company specializes in dealing with pests in Western Idaho and keeping our neighbors pest free!

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We Support Veterans

Our people are our greatest asset.  We put an emphasis on hiring technicians with a military background.  When you work with us, you're supporting hardworking military families in Idaho!

I really appreciate the service provided and, especially, the time Jim took to listen to my concerns, as well as explain to me exactly how he addressed each concern. I'm very impressed!


Pest Control in Kimberly

Whether you’re struggling with a sink full of ants or a room filled with spiders, pests can rob you of your peace of mind and expose you and your loved ones to a range of dangers and frustrations. Thankfully, we ha the solutions you need to take back your home and yard. Our Kimberly pest control can handle any sort of local pest:

  • Ants
  • Weevils
  • Rodents
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Springtails
  • And more!

Save 50% on Your Quarterly Pest Plan

Keeping bugs and rodents out of the house is all about consistency. That’s why we offer recurring treatments with our one-year service agreement! And because we believe in helping you get rid of bugs without breaking the bank, we offer 50% of your initial treatment! Save money and get rid of pests right away when you choose Vertex Pest Control!


Locally Owned and Operated

You shouldn’t trust your home to just anyone—and that’s why you should choose Vertex. As a locally owned and operated pest control company, we care about keeping our community safe and happy. When you partner with us for your Kimberly pest control services, you can expect:

  • Family-friendly solutions to ensure the safety of you and your family.
  • Same-day and Saturday service options for fast relief.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee. Still having issues after treatment? Just let us know and we’ll be back to set it right—at no additional cost to you. 

Rodent Exterminator in Kimberly

Finding rodents in your home can be extremely unsettling. When mice and rats invade your home, they can wreak havoc in your pantry, ruin your food, chew up all manner of upholstery and household items, and even damage the wiring in your walls--the last of which can cause fires in your home. They also carry disease and leave their droppings everywhere. When you’ve got rodents, you need rodent control right away, so that you can reclaim your home and peace of mind. 

Receive Your Free Quote Now!

When you call Vertex Pest Control for rodent control in Kimberly, you can expect: 

  • A thorough initial inspection from one of our friendly, professional rat exterminators. This assessment helps us find the exact cause of a rodent infestation. 
  • A tailored treatment designed specifically for your home and family. Our experts use exclusion work to keep mice and rats out of your home and a variety of traps depending on your family’s needs and safety. 
  • Follow-up treatments to check that our methods have truly gotten rid of rodents in your home and ensure they stay away for good. 

Satisfaction Guarantee for a Rodent-Free Home

As a locally owned rodent control company, we know that your satisfaction is the most important part of our business. We do our best to provide easy, efficient, affordable rodent removal services in Twin Falls and the surrounding areas. We offer same-day service and Saturday services to work with your schedule. If for any reason, you’re still finding mice and rats in your home, we’ll return free of charge to re-treat your space until we get rid of the rodents permanently. We are committed to working around your schedule to provide quality rodent control services you can rely on! 

Mosquito Exterminator in Kimberly

There is nothing like the whining of a mosquito to ruin a picnic, barbeque, or just a night outside with friends and family. From the red itchy bites to the possible transmission of serious diseases, such as West Nile and Zika viruses, they quickly put a damper on your fun. You can rely on professional mosquito control in Kimberly from Vertex Pest Control to reduce the population in your yard by 70-80% with our monthly treatments.

Efficient and Effective Long-Term Results

At Vertex we recognize that industry standards and techniques are constantly changing and improving. Our technicians are equipped with the latest knowledge and mosquito control equipment to drastically reduce mosquitoes on your property quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

When you trust us for mosquito control in Kimberly, you will receive:

  • A thorough property inspection by one of our expert mosquito exterminators.
  • Tailored mosquito treatment solutions to fit your needs.
  • Use of eco-friendly products that are effective against mosquitoes, but protect your family.
  • Recurring treatments for long-term protection.
  • Free re-treatments if there’s a population resurgence.

Wasp Control in Kimberly, ID

Don't let wasps ruin your peace in Kimberly, Idaho. Our expert team at Vertex Pest Control offers top-notch wasp removal services to keep your property safe. Here's what you can expect from our comprehensive program:

  • Free inspection: We'll thoroughly assess your property to identify the source of the infestation and develop a customized plan.
  • Family-friendly liquid sprays: Our safe and effective methods will remove nests and eliminate wasps without harming your loved ones.
  • Mosquito control in Kimberly: Take advantage of our expertise in seasonal pest control to combat mosquitoes and keep your outdoor spaces enjoyable.
  • Wasp treatment: We'll target the specific areas where wasps are causing trouble, ensuring effective and lasting results.
  • Wasp prevention: Our team will provide recommendations and implement preventive measures to keep wasps from returning.
  • Wasp removal: Count on us to handle the entire removal process, so you can enjoy a wasp-free environment.
  • Wasp control: Our insecticides are eco-friendly, protecting both your family and the environment.

With Kimberly, Idaho's climate and geography, it's crucial to address seasonal pest issues. Trust Vertex Pest Control for all your mosquito control and wasp removal needs. Don't wait until it's too late – call us today for a free inspection and take back control of your property.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Pests?