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Want to learn some tricks and tips from our professional technicians at Vertex Pest Control on how to protect your home and family from pests?  Take a look at some of our blog posts for pest control guides and latest news related to pests in Idaho!

family outside

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes In Your Yard

There are many ways to get mosquitoes out of your yard and to keep them out so you can enjoy your space. While professional pest control services are always the best option, there are many DIY methods you can try to keep these pests out naturally.Read more
spider in web

7 Facts About Spiders

Everyone knows that spiders have eight legs, and can be unnerving to find around your home. However, there are many...Read more
mom and daughter laying in grass

Common Bugs in Idaho

There are a lot of insects and other pests you may encounter while living in or visiting Idaho. While some of the bugs...Read more