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Redeem $50 Off Pest Control in Caldwell

Pest infestations can happen any month of the year, so why risk an infestation by limiting your pest control to a single season? Our programs run throughout the year to ensure lasting results. Sign up for a new one-year service agreement today we’ll also give you 50% off your first treatment!

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Locally Owned and Family-Operated Business

Our locally owned and operated pest control company specializes in dealing with pests in Western Idaho and keeping our neighbors pest free!

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We Support Veterans

Our people are our greatest asset.  We put an emphasis on hiring technicians with a military background.  When you work with us, you're supporting hardworking military families in Idaho!

Pest Control in Caldwell, ID

As a locally owned pest control company, we treat all of our customers like family. For us, that means offering quality results delivered by a team that puts you first. When you partner with us for your pest control in Caldwell, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive protection from a variety of pests: Our pest control services offer protection from spiders, roaches, ants, rodents, and more, so no matter what pests have invaded your home, we've got you covered!
  • Eco-friendly and reduced-risk pest control solutions: Our state-of-the-art solutions safely prevent and eliminate pests to keep your home pest-free and your family safe. 
  • Quarterly visits for lasting protection: Our Vertex Protection Program offers you year-round protection from pests by scheduling visits four times a year.
  • A one-year service agreement: If your pest problems persist between our regularly scheduled visits, our exterminators will happily come back to retreat for free. 
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Same-Day Services and Saturday Hours

You never know when an infestation could pop up in your home so scheduling pest control weeks in advance isn't always an option. That’s why we offer Saturday hours, so you can get the help you need when you need it. We're committed to working around your schedule to make sure you get the treatments you need without the wait! Get same-day pest control in Boise and the surrounding areas.

Pest Control From A Company Who Gives Back

Here at Vertex, we believe our people are what sets us apart. In addition to being highly qualified exterminators, many of our experts are also current or former military personnel. That means that when you partner with us you’re not only getting quality pest control, but you're also supporting hardworking military families in your community!

Rodent Exterminator in Caldwell, ID

Finding mice or rats in your home can be an alarming site. Wild rodents can spread dangerous diseases to you and your family, also carry other unwanted pests such as mites, fleas, and ticks. Additionally, rodents threaten the integrity of your home through incessant chewing habits, often gnawing right through electrical wires. The minute you suspect rodents are to residing in your home, call your Vertex Pest Control experts for rodent control in Caldwell for quick relief and long-lasting protection! 

Rodents can be quite dangerous when they enter your home. Our exterminators have compiled a list of warning signs to look out for if you suspect their presence. 

  • Signs of holes chewed through walls, doors, screens, insulation, or the foundation of your home. 
  • Black streak marks on floorboards and walls left by the oils on rodent fur as they travel throughout their home 
  • Strange noises from the walls and ceilings, especially during the night when they are most active.
  • Unexplained odors - if rodents are living in your walls, you'll be able to smell their urine. Sometimes, if a rodent infestation is left unattended for long enough, it'll die before being removed. 
  • Strange pet behavior. Our pets can sense the presence of a rodent infestation before we do. 

Long-Lasting Relief from Rodents

We completely understand how stressful it can be knowing that rodents are scurrying about in your home, contaminating spaces, and putting you and your family at risk -- which is why we are dedicated to providing Caldwell with hassle-free rodent control. Through flexible scheduling, including Saturday appointments, you can get back to tackling your busy schedule without taking on the added stress of rodent control. When you choose to team up with our exterminators in Caldwell, you will receive the following:

  • A thorough inspection, conducted by one of our professional rodent exterminators to identify entry points, hiding places, and the level of infestation. 
  • A rodent treatment plan customized for your unique needs, designed to eliminate the rodents at the source.
  • Effective methods of treatment, including baiting and trapping systems for effective rodent removal and prevention. 
  • A follow-up inspection 3-6 weeks after your Initial rodent treatment to confirm the total elimination of the rodent infestation and to ensure that rodents are staying away for good.

Mosquito Exterminator in Caldwell, ID

No one wants to share their backyard with mosquitoes, and for good reason! Not only do they cause red and itchy bites, but they also put you in danger of diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue. Luckily, Vertex Pest Control is here to help! Our mosquito control in Caldwell targets mosquitoes at their source, giving you relief all season long. Our mosquito exterminators are ready to handle any infestation you may be facing. Get the best mosquito control in Caldwell and sign up today for 50% off your first treatment!

When you partner with us for mosquito treatments in Caldwell, we will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your property, searching for potential breeding sites and hideouts.
  • Create a custom plan based on your yard’s needs, guaranteeing long-lasting results.
  • Use the best products available to get rid of mosquitoes, reducing their population by 70-80%.
  • Schedule recurring treatments, ensuring you can enjoy long-term relief from mosquitoes.

Wasp Control in Caldwell, ID

Don't let wasps ruin your summer in Caldwell, Idaho! Our professional team at Vertex Pest Control offers top-notch wasp removal services to keep your property safe and pest-free. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Free inspection: We'll thoroughly assess your property to identify any wasp infestations and determine the best course of action.
  • Family-friendly liquid sprays: We use safe and effective insecticides that are not only efficient in eliminating wasps but also gentle on your loved ones and the environment.
  • Seasonal mosquito control: Caldwell's unique climate and geography create a need for regular mosquito control. We'll help you enjoy your outdoor spaces without the annoyance of these pesky insects.

Choose Vertex Pest Control for comprehensive wasp treatment, prevention, and removal in Caldwell, Idaho. Let us handle the buzzing, so you can relax and enjoy your summer!

5 Star Review

Unexpected visit from ants that were unwanted, called Monday morning and they were out here by afternoon that day! John was very nice and educational.

Jessica Johnson
5 Star Review

Great service! Cade Nielsen was friendly, and helpful and completed his work thoroughly and efficently. Thank you.

Christina Vella
5 Star Review

These people are very professional and stand behind their work.

Kathy Flenniken
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