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Wasps Bugging You?

picture of wasps sitting on wasp nest

Have you been noticing an increase in wasp activity around your home? You are not alone! The warm winter and warmer than average spring has brought on a major increase in wasp activity. Our technicians are removing 5-10 wasp nests per home during their services for new customers over the last couple of weeks!

Here are a few things you might like to know about wasps:

  1. They communicate by pheromones (scent or smell).

  2. They are a social pest. They want to work together. Because of this they leave a pheromone in the nest and around the nesting place to attract other wasps.

  3. They can release a pheromone that warns and alerts other wasps if they are harmed or threatened. When other wasps receive this message they begin to swarm!

  4. To effectively treat you need to remove the nest and spray a repellent.

  5. Removing a nest is the safest and easiest in the morning hours when temperatures are lower.

If you are interested in learning more about wasps and how to keep them from nesting on and around your home call your local service professional today and schedule a free inspection!